Aesop's Fables
A zany adaptation!

(Left to right) Iloire Nye, Ross Weinberg, Florence Pape,
Thomas Tyburski, Gregory Nye
Photo by John Crittenden, Show Me Your Faces

(6 performances only)

Saturday Nov. 17, 2012; 
Sunday Nov. 18, 2012;
Sunday Nov. 25, 2012;
Shows at 11 am & 1pm
(show runs about 45 minutes)

Cast: Laura DiCerto, Gregory Nye, Iloire Nye,
Florence Pape, Jill Sullivan, Thomas Tyburski,
Ross Weinberg

$7 for Kids;  $10 for Adults;    201-377-7014 or 

And if your child has a November birthday, what an easy way to celebrate by incorporating Silly on Sixth! and Aesop’s Fables into your birthday plans!  The entire audience will sing Happy Birthday to your darling child, your group has a wonderful time seeing Aesop’s Fables, the kids meet the actors after the show, and then off you go to one of Hoboken's many family-friendly eateries to continue the festivities.  Just call Florence for details at 201-377-7014!  Aesop’s Fables and its all-adult cast will delight children ages 3 to 10 while entertaining their families in the 12th season of the Hudson Theatre Ensemble Children’s Series Silly on Sixth!  Our beautiful, child-friendly, ground-floor theater is completely barrier-free & accessible to persons with disabilities.  

Producer/Artistic Director:  Diana London;  
Director of Development/Publicity:  Florence Pape;  
Adaptation:  Kathy-Ferman Menino;   
Director: Howard Richman;  
Production Stage Manager:  Donna Gearhardt Healey;  
Set & Lighting Design: Howard Richman; 
Sound & Lighting Technician: Donna Gearhardt Healey;  
Playbill: Donna Gearhardt Healey;  
Technical Advisor: Justin McCormick;  
Graphics/Webmaster:  Susan Newman Design, Inc.;  
Photographer: John Crittenden/Show Me Your Faces;  
House Manager: Alan Welner;
Assistant House Manager: Harriet Tainsky

Our Gold Sponsor for Aesop’s Fables is the practice of Drs. Brescia, Migliaccio, Tully, Chinn, Moon & Safi, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Hoboken, NJ.   

Hudson School Performance Space
601 Park Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030  

201-377-7014 or 

Hudson Theatre Ensemble is an award-winning professional community theatre in its eleventh season. Our beautiful theater is on the ground floor and is completely barrier-free and accessible to persons with disabilities.

"Your group is such a treasure for Hoboken. You always put on such fantastic productions!"
— Geri Fallo, Director of Cultural Affairs for City of Hoboken





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