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Hudson Theatre Ensemble is an award-winning professional community theatre in its eleventh season. Our beautiful theater is on the ground floor and is completely barrier-free and accessible to persons with disabilities. 

Location & Directions:
Hudson School Performance Space
601 Park Avenue (6th & Park) Hoboken, NJ 07030
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Tickets & Reservations:

$8 Adults
$6 Children  

Info/Reservations: 201-377-7014

See photos from the show by John Crittenden
See the poster
Dates & Times:
Saturdays @ 11AM & 1PM: June 13, & 20, 2009
Sunday @11AM & 1PM: June 14, 2009

Cast: Iloire Blanos, Laura DiCerto, Brian Hopson, Sarah P. Kerr, Kacy Lissenden, Gregory Nye, Florence Pape
Producer/Artistic Director: Diana London
Director of Development/Publicity: Florence Pape
Production & Stage Manager: Donna Gearhardt Healey
Playwright: Kathy Menino
Director: Rebecca A. Katzman
Technical Director: Justin McCormick
Co-Stage Manager: Stephanie Wilson
Scenic Design: Sheila Phalon
Graphics/Webmaster: Susan Newman Design, Inc.
Photographer: John Crittenden/Show Me Your Faces
House Manager: Alan Welner



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