“Aesop's Fables ” – June 2007

Our funny & zany adaptation, Aesops' Fables, will delight children ages three to nine while entertaining their families in the sixth season of Hudson Theatre Ensemble Children’s Series Silly on Sixth!  If you enjoyed Kathleen Ferman’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “The Three Little Pigs,” “ Goldilocks & The Three Bears,” “Little Red Riding Hood,”  &  "Not At All Hansel & Gretel!,"  you will love her Aesop's Fables!   Our  beautiful, child-friendly, ground-floor theater is completely barrier-free & accessible to persons with disabilities.

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See photos from the Hoboken Festival - May 6, 2007

Featuring: Iloire K. Blanos, Christian Castro, Laura DiCerto, Sarah Kerr, Bill Knepper, Javier Nieves, Florence Pape, Thomas Tyburski

Producer/Artistic Director: Diana London
Director of Development: Florence Pape

Writer: Kathleen Ferman
Director: Jessica Colotta
Technical Director: Justin McCormick
Graphics/Webmaster: Susan Newman Design, Inc.
Stage Manager: Pamela A. Campbell
Sound & Light Technician: Doug Donkin
Set Design: Sheila Phalon
Photographer: John Crittenden
House Manager: Alan Welner




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