Audition Notices

Hudson Theatre Ensemble in Hoboken, NJ  is looking for fun-loving, playful adult actors who want to join our children's theatre ensemble "Silly on Sixth!" We are now in our 11th season and enjoy an enthusiastic following.

More coming soon...


Please e-mail or call us at 201-377-7014 with your interest in any of the following areas. We would be happy to audition actors for future shows and get to know other volunteers.

Non-equity, non-paid. Acting, Ad Sales, Backstage Help, Box Office, Children's Theatre, Choreography, Costumes, Dancing, Directing, Fundraising, Graphics, House Management, Lights/Sound, Makeup, Musical Direction, Musician, Painting, Photography, Props, Publicity/Media, Script Writing/Adapting, Set Construction, Set Design, Singing, Stage Management, Street Fairs, Ticket Sales, Usher.Check website for



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