Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbourn, Olivier & Moliere Award-winning writer, whose 72 plays have achieved fabulous audience success throughout the world! Comic Potential is a smashingly funny love story in which actors are replaced by robots & an aspiring young comedy screenwriter falls in love with an android! The play is extraordinarily popular as critic John Simon enthusiastically raves:
Comic Potential is one of the finest plays of all my theatergoing decades.  It is a riotous farce, a tremulously exquisite love story, a superb satire on television & other human follies, & an irresistible evening in the theater. If you are going to see only one play in your life, make it this one."

"Comic Potential in Hoboken" -

See photos from opening night!
See photos from April 18, 2009!

Dates & Times:
Fridays @ 8PM: April 17 & April 24, 2009
Saturdays @ 8PM: April 18 & April 25, 2009
Sunday Matinee @ 3PM: April 19, 2009

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Cast: Iloire Blanos, Kathi Carlson, Amanda Cross, Laura DiCerto, John Heath, Brian Hopson, Courtney Kochuba, Frank Magnasco, Kathleen Ferman Menino, Gregory Nye, Kelly Reeves, Frank Rosner, Thomas Tyburski,
Producer/Artistic Director: Diana London
Director of Development/Publicity: Florence Pape
Technical Director: Justin McCormick
Stage Manager: Donna Gearhardt Healey
Production Assistants: Dana Michelle Cirone, Sharon Gamboa, Rebecca A. Katzman, Alicia Mickelsen
Sound & Light Technician: Damian Pizzo
Graphics/Webmaster: Susan Newman Design, Inc.
Photographer: John Crittenden
House Manager: Alan Welner



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