“Scapino”– June 2006
by Frank Dunlop & Jim Dale
a fun-filled non-stop madcap frolic for the entire family!

*******************Special Announcement********************

Hudson Theatre Ensemble is the proud winner of the 2006 Perry Award for
“Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play” - Scapino

See photos from the show!!!- June 3, 2006
Photographs by John Crittenden

See photos from The Hoboken Arts Festival - May 7, 2006
Photographs by John Crittenden

Featuring: Michael Alef, Iloire Blanos, Mark Stavros Bogdanos, Joshua Daniels, George Farrell, Leigha Marie Fizzinoglia, Tarajo Lewis, Sean M. Mammola, Myla Mooney, Florence Pape, Dania Rothenberg, Ben Solomon, Kristen Spannagel, Marie Sutter, Deborah Steinberg, Thomas Tyburski, Michael Walker

Directed by: Laurie Brongo
Technical Director: Justin McCormick
Stage manager: Pamela A. Campbell
Original Music: Robert Shapiro
Graphics (poster) /Webmaster: Susan Newman Design
House Manager: Alan Welner




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